About the CACMA Examination

The CAlifornia Certified Medical Assistant examination is a comprehensive objective examination of the candidate’s knowledge of general, clinical and administrative medical assisting. It is designed for the entry level medical assistant.

The CACMA exam is an all-inclusive updated version of the three California Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA) examinations which will be phased out by July 31, 2023.

How the Exam was Developed

CCBMA used a rigorous process involving the use of CCBMA credentialed medical assistants from all over California who served as subject matter experts. A Job Task Analysis (JTA) was conducted with the assistance of Professional Testing, Inc, an industry leader in assessment, evaluation and certification services. The JTA identified the tasks that need to be performed in a competent and safe manner as well as the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics associated with performing such tasks in the role of medical assistant. The information gained from the JTA, validated the test items on the new CACMA exam and helped ensure that CCBMA is adhering to standards of credentialing industry.

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