The purpose of recertification is to ensure that medical assistants certified by CCBMA continue to maintain the level of knowledge tested at the time of initial certification and demonstrate growth in their specialty areas with continued education and training. Recertification ensures that certificants maintain a commitment to learning and encourages career development by staying abreast of evolving knowledge and skills.

To achieve recertification, you must earn 60 CEUs during the five-year period preceding your application. You are also required to submit proof of current CPR certification, HIPAA and cultural competency training.. One contact hour (60 minutes of classroom instruction) equals one credit.

CCBMA, as a courtesy offers a one year grace period to certificants who are missing the required credits to comply with recertification requirements. Your certification will be considered inactive. You will also be required to pay a $75 certification reactivation fee along with the recertification fee of $200.

Candidates must log in to their accounts to complete a recertification application prior to submitting their credits.

Earning Credits

There are many ways to obtain credits. CCBMA does not restrict where you get your continuing educational units. However, we do require that all CEUs fall within the scope of practice for a California Certified Medical Assistant.

Recertification Application Process

The review process can take up to 20 business days from submission of a completed application. If recertification is deferred, we will contact you regarding missing documentation. You may start the recertification process 3-6 months prior to the end your current "active to" date. 

When recertification is granted, you will receive a wallet card and a seal which can be attached to your original certificate. If you need a replacement certificate, wallet card or pin, please contact us.

Recertification Candidate Handbook

The CCBMA Candidate Handbook provides important information about the recertification process, policies, helpful resources and more.