Helpful Answers to Instructor Questions

Q. Do I have to be certified to have my students sit for the CCBMA examination?

A. No. It is not a requirement that the instructor be certified but is encouraged.

Q. Proof of competency for injections and/or venipuncture is required for clinical certification as outlined on page 3 of the application. Do the 10 "sticks" for IM, SubQ and ID have to be "real sticks" or can they be done on a mannequin arm?

A. The Medical Board of California has determined that the training for injections and phlebotomy may be performed on mannequins, but should include live sticks.

Q. Can I find out the passing rate for my students?

A. Yes. Upon request, CCBMA will provide a statistical analysis report listing students' pass/fail status. This report does not include student names.

Q. Can I download and print the applications and Study Outline for my students?

A. Yes, please download the must current application and study outline for the students.

 A copy of your US Government issued ID (Driver's license, ID card or passport) is required with all certification applications submitted.

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